spankmehardbarry asked:

My problem is that a lot of these phobia people are calling themselves "disabled". As a person with a real physical disability (I'm deaf), I abhor their use of the term. The fact that people on this website are using minor issues as a reason to call themselves disabled because it's "cool" is not only disturbing, but offensive. It's making a mockery of real disabilities, like mine, that affect your life CONSTANTLY and DAILY. The coddling on this website has gone too far. Feel free to post this.

rhydonmyhardon answered:

I’m going to remain impartial I don’t like talking about things I have very little insight on / lack a concrete opinion for so if any of you want to challenge Logan or agree with him so be it



one time in an english class we were making notes about shakespeare’s life and the teacher was like “his father was a glove maker” and the guy next to me started laughing really hard so i looked over at him

his pen had stopped working before he could write “maker” so it just said “shakespeare’s father was a glove” and that was the funniest thing in the world to this guy for some reason